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Secure A D1 Football Scholarship

Mentoring Underdog Athletes to Become Confident Communicators and Businessmen, Securing the Best Possible Scholarship Offers.

Secure A D1 Football Scholarship

Mentoring Underdog Athletes to Become Confident Communicators and Businessmen, Securing the Best Possible Offers.

At Next Play

Our Athletes

Get Coaches Attention

Get exposure and stand out by building your personal brand.

Become Elite Leaders

Develop the skills, mindset, and mental toughness to win in football and life.

Get Their Dream Offers

No need to settle for less. Get offers from your dream schools regardless of size.

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If you don’t have a system or a plan…

Trying to earn a football scholarship is stressful and overwhelming

So your athlete is…

  • Overlooked because of their size.

  • Not getting any views or responses from coaches on sites like Hudl.

  • Losing motivation from rejection and self-doubt is settling in.

  • Tired of leaving camps without any offers.

And these challenges lead to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed because the last thing you want is your athlete to give up because you know it will have a huge long term impact on their life...

We believe your underdog athlete deserves to run out of the tunnel in front of thousands of screaming fans on Saturdays…

Hi There, I'm Richie Contartesi...

The Founder Of Next Play

And I understand firsthand the frustrations, challenges, and aspirations both you and your athlete are facing.

Like your athlete, I had a dream of earning a college football scholarship and was overlooked by everyone.

No one initially responded to my emails, DMs, or calls. I even had a meeting scheduled in person with a coach they didn’t show up too.

However, at just 5'7" and 150 pounds, I faced the adversity of being undersized and ultimately ended up created a system that today we call, Next Play®.

After implementing the system, I defied all expectations and secured a full Division-1 football scholarship in the powerhouse SouthEastern Conference (SEC) at Ole Miss.

I experienced the thrill of starting in all 12 games during my senior year, earned the prestigious SEC Scholar Athlete award, and played on legendary fields like Alabama, LSU, and Auburn.

My journey continued beyond college as I played professional Arena football and authored the #1 bestseller, "In Spite of the Odds." I even had the honor of being featured in the movie "Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On."

But my true calling emerged when I founded, Next Play. A nationwide leadership program where we help underdog athletes transcend their limitations and secure college football scholarships through the proven Next Play® System.

Drawing from my own journey and the success of underdog athletes all over the country, I offer guidance, mentorship, and the proven strategies needed to make their dreams a reality.

You and your athlete will discover a community that understands, supports, and believes in their extraordinary potential.

What Is Your Next Play?

Your Plan For Earning A College Football Scholarship

This is a complimentary 1-on-1 session where we'll discuss the challenges you're facing, strategize on overcoming them, and provide you with a custom game plan to earn that college football scholarship.

We partner with your athlete to captivate coaches' attention, secure enticing offers, and propel them as both a skilled football player and an exceptional leader, paving the way for success in every facet of their life.

You'll be able to proudly sit in the stands, watching your athlete run out of the tunnel at their dream school, knowing that you helped make it happen and giving you plenty to brag about to your friends.

Becoming An Elite Leader On & Off The Field

Watch Richie In Action

A Few Endorsements

What People Think

“Richie’s story and book lit a fire within me. His drive, passion, and relentless will to succeed was reminiscent of my time at Notre Dame. At 5’7” and 150 pounds, Richie overcame the obstacles and the naysayers to earn a full SEC scholarship and a place in Ole Miss tradition.”


Rudy Ruettiger

Inspiration of the Classic Movie Rudy

Richie has an innate ability to get the most out of his talents. Limited physical skills and size were not a roadblock but a driver for hard work, study, and relentless perseverance. He is one of those athletes who may not be the fastest, biggest, or most talented, but through hard work, a never give up attitude, and belief himself, makes believers out of everyone around him. Richie has a bigger heart than Vaught-Hemingway Stadium and our staff agreed 100% that he deserved a full SEC football scholarship!


Houston Nutt

Head Football Coach at Ole Miss (2008-2011)


Certified & Featured On Only Good TV

The video showcases Richie Contartesi's inspiring journey of earning a full football scholarship at Ole Miss, highlighting his determination and the impact of the Next Play® on helping underdog athletes achieve their dreams of playing college football.

Guaranteed Results

What Do You Get When You Work With Richie & The Next Play Team


Community Access

Join a supportive community of underdog parents and athletes who actually care about your success.


Attention Package

Get a comprehensive attention package including a highlight film, 1-sheet, and personal video to capture coaches' interest.


Scholarship Mastery Blueprint

Follow a step-by-step system and unlock the Secrets to winning a college football scholarship


Elite Leadership Training

Develop leadership skills and mental resilience to excel both on and off the field.


Personalized Coaching

Benefit from weekly coaching calls and accountability with Richie and dedicated parent coaching calls.


Resources and Tools

Access 24/5 Q&A sessions, scripts, nutrition training, workouts, and a coach relationship tool with 10,000+ coaches.

Meet the Team

The Next Play Team

Richie Contartesi


Natalie Betts

Next Play Advisor

Brian Overton

Chief Recruiting Officer

Rick Donasales

Client Success & Systems Manager

Rich Contartesi

Next Play Coach

Every athlete deserves a shot at a college football scholarship. Ready to get yours?

Guaranteed Results

What Are The Results You Can Expect?

After completion of the program, your athlete will:

  • Earn A College Football Scholarship

  • Develop The Skills To Be A Confident Leader

  • Form The Habits To Achieve Anything In Life

  • Adopt The Next Play Mindset

  • Become Resilient

Get Started Today

Let's put together your custom game plan today

On this call, we will:

  • Talk about the challenges you’re experiencing.

  • Strategize on how to overcome them. 

  • Give you a custom game plan to earn a scholarship.

  • You can apply for our program.

  • Answer any other questions you have.

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